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is New Zealands premium Christian website design place for all your website, hosting, domain names and email newsletter needs.

Today more than ever your website is an extremely important tool to your ministry. It needs to look relevant and professional, it must be functional and user friendly. There are way too many Christian websites that portray a very poor image of the organization they front and this is what is probably a persons first impression of who you are.

Volunteers are great but maybe you are tired of them letting you down or producing a less than proffessional looking website, students can be the same but even worse other website development companies are not 'in tune' with where you are at as a Christian.
Maybe you need help setting up your website easily or maintaining it?
Maybe you prefer to have things spoken in 'plain English'?
Maybe you are fed up with paying cheap and getting a cheap looking website - to get it right in the end it costs you dearly?
Then Christian Websites is your answer.

website buildProfessional Website

Let us make the perfect website for you

  • Built and published on Joomla — the world’s most popular web publishing platform.
  • Effortlessly add, edit or delete content as you need it. We’ll populate your first five pages and you can take it from there.
  • Dozens of professionally designed templates to choose from, customised to suit your brand.
  • Easily integrated SEO options available to get your website found on Google. 

    Also includes in the one monthly fee:-

  • Standard Cloud Website hosting
  • Domain name
  • New Website Forever - We update the websites software every month including all the security updates, components etc and every 2 years you get a new design, free


webstore build

Professional Store

Sell more with an e-commerce website custom-made for you

  • Built on Virtuemart with a range of professional looking templates and modules which we’ll tailor to your business.
  • We’ll populate your first 10 products, pages and categories to get your store off the ground. You can easily add, edit or remove products from there.
  • Pick from a range of shipping options with the ability to add more to fit your customers needs perfectly.
  • Start accepting payment instantly with PayPal™ or upgrade to accept payments directly through your website.

Also includes in the one monthly fee:-

  • Standard Cloud Website hosting
  • Domain name
  • New Website Forever - We update the websites software every month including all the security updates, components etc and every 2 years you get a new design, free


We dont want to just sell you a website 
but to assist you to succeed in whatever you are wanting to achieve with your website

We have many happy clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA and other countries.


Christian Websites NZ are part of My Website Cloud. We help Churches, Ministries and Businesses across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe and Indonesia with their website design needs, offering Christian website design, website hosting & domain names.

We provide very affordable, value for money Christian website design, Christian website hosting and Christian domain names- We don’t offer unrealistic cheap products but do offer premium products and awesome after sales service.  We dont charge the earth simply by keeping our overheads very low.

We are not here today and gone tomorrow :- we have been designing Christian websites since 1999 and we intend on being around to continue to assist you with your ongoing web site needs. Some companies offer unrealistic low prices but are gone tomorrow leaving you with no website, follow up, support or service.

We are incredibly passionate about our clients :- simply, we are blessed to have you and you are treated as number one.

We are OTT about the security of your website :- Most people don’t even think about the security of their website until something goes wrong. Websites get hacked, malfunction etc – then what?  We assure you that we provide a very secure environment. Our server, where your website sits, is monitored 24/7/365, its uptime is guaranteed 99.9% We have the very latest, fastest computer equipment but if your site is compromised in some way we are there to get it functioning again for you asap.

We are dedicated to your customer support :- we don’t leave you dangling. We provide email support, Support tickets, skype, live chat & phone support. We have video tutorials to show you what to do. They say a picture is worth a thousand words - Well, we can even actually show you what to do while you sit in front of your own Computer (Windows XP, Vista or Win7 only + broadband connection)

We can give referals of many satisfied clients who were quoted thousands of dollars more than we quoted and are extremely happy with our quality products and level of service

Simply, We provide premium products and quality service at very affordable prices.

Need to update your existing web site
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Please contact us for free quote of your website design, development or hosting - cheap domain names too.

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Ian, the service you are providing at Christian Websites is absolutely wonderful.  It honors the Name of Jesus Christ…Which is exactly what I was looking for when, after learning some hard lessons, I typed ‘Christian Web Services’ into Google and found you my brother.

I have no complaints, and will recommend you to my friends.

I look forward to finding my way through this unknown and intimidating realm of Website Development with you by my side…And for me to say that, a certain kind of miracle has been performed.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and may our Lord Jesus richly bless you.  I can see that you will have a share in the blessings that I also receive from our Lord.

Your brother at Kingdom Gates
Colin Baker.